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October 24, 2019 <title>Does It Matter Where You Get to University?</title> <h2>Analysis implies that elite colleges don’t really assist rich white dudes. Nevertheless they may have a big effect if you’re perhaps not rich, perhaps perhaps perhaps not white, or perhaps not a man.</h2> <p>This 12 months, significantly more than 2 million People in the us will affect university. Many will aim for nearby schools without international brands or endowments that are billion-dollar. But also for the thousands of families signing up to America’s most elite organizations, the admissions procedure is just a high-cost, high-stress gantlet.</p> <p>Us moms and dads now invest very nearly half of a billion bucks each on “independent education consultants,” and that’s not counting the cost of test prep or flights and hotels for campus visits year. These collegiate sweepstakes leave a path of frazzled parents and emotionally wrecked teens currently burdened with increasing anxiety, which raises a question that is big Does it really make a difference whether you attend at the very top university?</p> <p>The seemingly apparent response is, needless to say it matters! Just exactly exactly How could it maybe perhaps maybe not? Ivy League and equivalent organizations offer significantly more than world-class instruction. They confer a very long time of assistance from prodigiously connected alumni and an email to any or all future companies that you’re a talent that is rarified. <a href="" class="more-link"><span aria-label="Continue reading Does It Matter Where You Get to University?">(more…)</span></a></p> Does It Matter Where You Get to University?